Boat Course Boating Hampshire New amp; License Ed® Can I Still Use My Suspended License?

If my Florida drivers license has been suspended, can I keep my drivers license and use it as an ID card? Can I use a suspended drivers license for identification purposes? If you drivers license has been suspended, you cannot use it for another purpose. If a police officer catches you in possession of a suspended drivers license in Florida, you could be facing a misdemeanor charge. After a drivers license suspension, you want to obtain a valid ID card to identify yourself. You may also want to speak to a Jacksonville drivers license lawyer about having your license reinstated. Depending on the reasons for your Florida drivers license suspension, a Jacksonville drivers license attorney may be able to help you. Even if you are a Florida habitual traffic offender, you may be able to obtain a valid drivers license. Call 20 Miles Law at (904) 564-2525 to speak to a Jacksonville lawyer that has experience handling drivers license cases.

It is obvious that you cannot drive on a suspended or revoked license in Jacksonville, but what is not as obvious is that you cannot possess a suspended or revoked license. If you do have a suspended license, you should understand the law that applies to possessing a suspended license in Florida. Section 322.32 makes it a second-degree misdemeanor for anyone to possess a canceled, revoked, disqualified or suspended license with knowledge of the suspension, revocation, cancellation, or disqualification. Here is Florida Statute Section 322.32 in it’s entirety:

It is a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. Cards Veteran To - Id County Issue Advocate Daily, for any person:

(1) To display, cause or permit to be displayed, or have in his or her possession any canceled, revoked, suspended, or disqualified driver license knowing that such license has been canceled, revoked, suspended, or disqualified.

(a) The element of knowledge is satisfied if:

1. The person has been cited as provided in s. 322.34(1), and any cancellation, revocation, or suspension in effect at that time remains in effect; or

2. The person admits to knowledge of the cancellation, suspension, or revocation; or

3. The person received notice as provided in paragraph (c).

(b) In any proceeding for a violation of this section, a court may consider evidence, other than that specified in paragraph (a), that a person knowingly possessed a canceled, suspended, or revoked driver license.

(c) Any judgment or order rendered by a court or adjudicatory body or any uniform traffic citation that cancels, suspends, or revokes a person’s driver license must contain a provision notifying the person that his or her driver license or driving privilege has been canceled, suspended, or revoked.

(2) To lend his or her driver license to any other person or knowingly permit the use thereof by another.

Boat Course Boating Hampshire New amp; License Ed® (3) To display, or represent as his or her own, any driver license not issued to him or her.

(4) To fail or refuse to surrender to the department or to any law enforcement officer, upon lawful demand, any driver license in his or her possession that has been suspended, revoked, disqualified, or canceled.

(5) To permit any unlawful use of a driver license issued to him or her.

(6) To apply for, obtain, or cause to be issued to him or her two or more photographic driver licenses which are in different names. The issuance of such licenses shall be prima facie evidence that the licensee has violated the provisions of this section unless the issuance was in compliance with the requirements of this chapter.

(7) To do any act forbidden, or fail to perform any act required, by this chapter.

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